The Gospel of Matthew

Matthew’s Gospel was written to a Jewish audience with the purpose of presenting Jesus as the Messiah prophesied by the Old Testament. It was likely composed sometime between 60 and 70 AD, although some date it even earlier, and believe it to be the first gospel written. Although it has similarities to the other gospels, it is a unique portrait of Jesus and his ministry. Matthew is the only gospel to record the  the Sermon on the Mount. The apostle Matthew was identified as the author by early church, and there is little reason to doubt he penned the gospel. Matthew was a tax collector, a profession despised by his contemporaries, not only because of its corruption, but because of its collaboration with the Romans. Matthew, also known as Levi,  answered the call of Jesus to become one of his twelve disciples.  We know little else of him from the scriptures.  Please join us in reading!


1    Genealogy   

      Birth of Christ   

2   The Magi     

      Escape to Egypt and the Return 

3   John the Baptist   

      The Baptism of Jesus   

4   Temptation of Jesus  

      The Beginning of Jesus’ Ministry

5    The Beatitudes    

      Salt and the Light, The Law Fulfilled   

      Murder, Adultery, Marriage and Divorce   

        Oaths, Peacekeeping, Love your Enemies  

6   Giving, Prayer, and Fasting

      Treasures in Heaven, Do not Worry

 7   Commands of Jesus

 8   Jesus Heals

       The Cost of Discipleship

       The Storm, The Possessed Men 

9     Jesus Heals the Paralyzed Man

        The Calling of Matthew, A New Covenant

        The Synagogue Leader, The Woman in the Crowd

        The Lord of The Harvest

10   Jesus Sends out His Disciples

Jesus Warns about Persecution

Our Study On Matthew will continue soon!

  11     12     13     14     15     16     17     18     19     20     21     22     23     24     25     26     27     28 

2 thoughts on “The Gospel of Matthew

  1. That is awesome! My yosgneut is going to be 8 in about 3 weeks. I might look into getting something like that for him to listen to…He likes to listen to the K Love Christian radio station over any of the other regular rock stations, and he’s at that age where he’s really curious about the bible and wants to learn more. This would be a great way to get him (and me) to better understand God’s word. :0)

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