The Epistles of Peter

The Epistles of 1 & 2 Peter were written to instruct and advise and encourage the church during a time of persecution and false teachings.  Join in reading about  discipleship, salvation, and the hope that is in Christ.

1 Peter 1    Living Hope           Commentary

1 Peter 2    Holy People           Commentary

1 Peter 3    Suffering as a Christian     Commentary

1 Peter 4    Suffering as a Christian     Commentary

1 Peter 5    Shepherd the Flock      Commentary

2 Peter 1    Christ’s Elect      Commentary

2 Peter 2    False Prophets and Teachers     Commentary

2 Peter 3    The Day of the Lord     Commentary

2 thoughts on “The Epistles of Peter

  1. I feel for Peter. His impassioned clear and consice wake up call is falling on deaf ears. May be we deserve this as we ourselves have not bothered to determine what is going on as long as the show goes on.. This is not a new catastrophe but one which has been predicted during the last couple of years and we are stupid enough to not heed the signs. The best example being non of the three auto CEO’s had a clue as to what to do with the money if they got it ,, its there so they want a part of it .. looked like a bunch of school boys asking for cake at a party.. WAKE UP – MAKE EDUCATION FREE AND MANDATORY – FREEDOM COMES WITH RESPONSIBILITY AND WE HAVE LACKED AT IT SINCE A LONG TIME.. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  2. Peter was impassioned for Christ, and truly desired others to believe so they could be saved. This is the challenge Christians still face. The answer to all problems, Is Jesus.

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