In 1535 Myles Coverdale published the first complete English translation of the Bible. In this translation, known as The Coverdale Bible, he coined the word lovingkindness as the English translation for the Hebrew word chesed. In this study we will reflect on the tender affection and love God has for his people expressed in this uniquely Biblical word. It is the steadfast love of God, always constant and eternal. It is an expression of loyal, unwavering love and faithfulness. The lovingkindness of God includes the love, mercy, compassion, forgiveness, and faithfulness He has toward his people. It is the highest form of love, and  intertwined with God’s covenant with Israel and ultimately manifested in Jesus Christ. Please join us in this study!

Additional Resources:

The Meaning of Chesed


Exodus 20:1-6                                                    Commentary

Exodus 34:1-10                                                  Commentary

Numbers 14:1-23                                               Commentary

Psalm 36                                                             Commentary

Psalm 63:1-5                                                       Commentary

Psalm 118:22-29                                                 Commentary

Psalm 136                                                            Reading Only

Titus 3:3-7                                                           Commentary

John 3:16-21                                                       Commentary

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