Lord, Teach Us to Pray

Scripture has much to say about the approach we should have toward prayer. It was at the request of his disciples that Jesus taught the Lord’s Prayer, and even today, many us still wonder how we are to interact with God. Please join us in exploring this in the following readings:

Lord Teach Us to Pray      Luke 11:1-4     Commentary

Parable:  The Friend at Night   Luke 11:5-13   Commentary

In the Name of Jesus    John 14:10-14   Commentary

Believe You have Received    Mark 11:20-25    Commentary

Parable:  The Persistent Widow   Luke 18:1-8   Commentary

The Prayer of Faith  James 5:13-18   Commentary

The Lord’s Prayer   Matthew 6:5-15   Commentary

Parable:  The Pharisee and Tax Collector  Luke 18:10-25   Commentary

Pray for all People        1Timothy 2:1-8     Commentary

The Prayer of Jesus      John 17    Commentary

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