Joseph, Son of Jacob

Joseph was his father’s favorite, a position that did not sit well with his brothers. They betrayed him, attacked him, and sold him as a slave. Joseph found himself in Egypt serving a high official. Though he prospered for a time, he was  falsely accused of a crime and thrown in prison. Yet, God was with Joseph, and through patience, perseverance, and faith, Joseph would find his himself exalted, and given the opportunity to either take vengeance on his brothers, or forgive them.  The story of Joseph reminds us of the power of forgiveness, the bonds of family, and the forever present providence of God.

This study chronologically follows our study The God of Abraham, Jacob, and Isaac, which you can find here.

Read the Entire Story of Joseph here. Click the links below for commentary.

Genesis 37:1-11:  Joseph’s Dreams

Genesis 37:12-36:  Joseph Sold by his Brothers

Genesis 39 Joseph and the Potiphar’s Wife

Genesis 40:  Joseph and the Prisoners

Genesis 41:1-40  Joseph and the Pharaoh

Genesis 41:41-57  Joseph Exalted

Genesis 42:1-24 Joseph Sees his Brothers

Genesis 42:25-38 Joseph’s Brothers Return to Canaan 

Genesis 43 The Return to Egypt

Genesis 44 Joseph Tests his Brothers

Genesis 45 Joseph Reveals Himself



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