Book of Acts

This study will walk you through the first 10 chapters of the Book of Acts. It was a dangerous time for the disciples of Jesus, as they spread his word across the nations. They were arrested, persecuted, put to trial, and some even killed.  We also will witness the conversion of Saul, who was once a violent persecutor of Jesus, but  became the founder of many churches, and a devout apostle of the Lord. The readings and commentary are listed below.

The Ascension and Matthias  Acts 1      Commentary

The Holy Spirit, Peter Witnesses Acts 2        Commentary

Peter Heals, Testifies  Acts 3      Commentary

Peter and John Before the Council Acts 4     Commentary

Ananias and Sapphira, Apostles Persecuted Acts 5      Commentary

Seven Chosen, Stephen seized   Acts 6      Commentary

Stephen’s Testimony   Acts 7      Commentary

Philip, Simon the Socerer  Acts 8     Commentary

Conversion of Saul, Peter heals  Acts 9   Commentary

Cornelius, Peter’s Vision    Acts 10      Commentary

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