God’s Discipline

Great is our God.  Great is his mercy.  Great is his love.  Great is his discipline. The discipline of God is pure,  righteous,  and true. The discipline of God comes from love. The discipline of God is always just,  never undeserved,  never unfair. God’s discipline is a blessing,  painful as it may be. It is designed to refine us,  to teach us,  and to guide us, for the purpose of his glory.  God’s discipline brings us to obedience. 
We pray, we praise,  we thank,  we lament,  we repent,  and we accept all of our trials as a discipline for our souls,  we humble ourselves before him,  and ask for His strength and wisdom to help us through. 

Readings:  Prov. 3:11-12,  Heb. 12:5-11,  Ps 94:12,  Rev. 3:18-22


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