On Suffering

Suffering, whether it be physical,  mental,  or spiritual, creates a state of misery.  Repeatedly the Bible tells us to embrace our suffering,  to find joy in our circumstance.  This of course goes against the natural human response, but with God it is impossible.  It is good then, to remember ourselves as God’s people,  and,  beneficial to contemplate the divine purpose for suffering. 

Suffering leads us to compassion. 
Suffering teaches us humility.
Suffering exhorts us to pray.
Suffering compels us to rely on God
Suffering admonishes us for vanity. 
Suffering reminds us to be grateful.
Suffering urges us to repent.
Suffering points us to the cross.
Suffering works for the glorification of God.

Readings:  Psalm 66
                   James 1:2-4
                   1Peter 1:3-9
                   John 9 1:1-9


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