Our Selfish Dreams

“Our Selfish Dreams” @jesusmessage https://medium.com/@jesusmessage/our-selfish-dreams-be9b9e3b7f27

It is a difficult truth to accept, that all your plans and dreams and wishes may not align with the plans God has for you. Being stubborn and selfish, we have a hard time letting go of our wants and accepting what God wants for us. In today’s Christian community there is far too much talk about what we want and our dreams. We’ve allowed ourselves to think of God as a means to an end. We determine God to be a tool for our purposes. We may not even like God, but we find him to be a necessary inconvenience, as long as we get what we want. Or perhaps we obsess over this dream of ours, pouring all of our time in resources into it, and breaking down in despair when it does not become reality. Why didn’t we instead pour ourselves into the Gospel? Why didn’t we obsess over the love of Christ? Why didn’t we follow the command of Christ to put God first, put others first, and allow ourselves to be an active part in his will, for his purpose, and for His glory? It does not mean that everything you hope for will fail, but our worldly hopes and dreams pale in comparison to the blessings of our God and our eternal place with Jesus. When we focus only what we want in this world, we have lost sight of Christ. God gave his only Son, who suffered for us so we could have eternity. Despite this, we have the audacity to ask God to help us cling to this crumbling world with our selfish dreams and desires, instead of asking God to help us let go of it, and cling to him. This doesn’t mean God doesn’t bless us in this life. He does. But we seek him first in all things, even when it means letting go of our dreams. Make seeking the Lord your dream. Nothing else will matter.

Readings: Matt 6:19–33, Phil 2:1–13, James 4:1–10


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