To Everything There is a Season, A Time to Every Purpose


To Everything There is a Season, A Time to Every Purpose


The Book of Ecclesiastes is a personal favorite of mine, because it appeals to the most skeptical and cynical experiences of life, but ultimately redeems itself in its ultimate submission to the providence of God. In general, life is full of worry, from simple concern to complicated anxiety to paralyzing fear. The trap of fear is that it pulls us away from our faith in God, and we find ourselves being drawn to superficial means of security. Satan begins to insist that God is not control. These thoughts and doubts weigh heavily upon us and we feel ourselves sinking, and so we put our faith in something other than God. We grab quickly onto something worldly, something we feel is more concrete, only to discover it is something temporary, and when it fails us we are only left in deeper despair. The Bible is full of cautions, reminders, and even commands to not worry or be afraid, but we are weaker than we would like to admit. It is a difficult thing not to be afraid, but fortunately for us, Christ has not left us alone. We have not been abandoned, we have not been forgotten. In all things we most rest upon the truth of God’s Word, as it lasts forever. We must be diligent in prayer, for God listens. We must not settle for the temporary, but focus on the eternal. God is always in control, do not fear, to everything there is a season, a time to every purpose.

Reading: Ecc 3:1–17, Psalm 46, John 14:1–27, Col 3:1–25

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