John 3:16-3:21: For God so Loved


     There is no greater display of the love of God than the gift of Jesus Christ, his only Son. It is an act of tremendous mercy that those who believe in Christ shall have eternal life. God did not send Jesus to judge the world, in which case the world would indeed be found guilty of sin, and justice rendered would mean for the world to perish. However,  Jesus was sent that the world might be saved. This salvation is conditional, upon faith in Jesus Christ, that whoever believes in him will find no judgment. He is the Light in a dark world, but men will love their sins more than the light, and reject him. Whoever commits evil hates the Jesus, because evil cannot coexist with God, and those who commit evil fear Jesus, fearing their evil will be exposed.  In contrast, those who thirst for righteousness will come to Christ, for the glory of God, as a child of God.

It a a display of God’s great lovingkindness that he gave us Jesus Christ for our salvation, that we should never perish, and never be subjected to the judgment of God. How could we, in our sins, face the judgment of God, the perfect God and judge, who dispenses justice fairly and righteously, without having accepted Christ? Surely if we faced God on our own, having fallen short of his glory, we too would perish. God’s will was for that not to be so. His mercy was so great and his love for us so much, that He gave his only Son that we would have eternal life. However, many will reject this salvation, and reject the lovingkindness of God. Those of us who do go to Christ, have eternal life, those who do not, will perish.

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