Titus 3:3-7 By God’s Mercy


In this passage from his letter to Titus, Paul addressed the command for followers of Christ to be peaceable and gentle to all men, including the unbelievers. Paul stated that all believers were once to enslaved by sin and the world. It is only by the lovingkindness of God that mankind was saved. It was not because of righteous deeds, because the righteousness of men is not enough to earn salvation. It was only by God’s mercy, his everlasting love and grace, displayed in the gift of Jesus Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit, that men and women are given access to eternal life. Paul reasoned that since believers were once in the chains of sin, and understood its treachery,  they should be compassionate, gentle, and loving to those who still were bound, thereby displaying the very lovingkindness that was given to them through Christ.

All men and women are sinners. There is no exception. It is only by God’s mercy we are saved, and so we should give this mercy and love to those who have not yet seen the light that is Jesus. Too quick we are to judge another, to condemn another, and to neglect the very command of Christ, to love our neighbors as ourselves. We should instead be quicker to humble ourselves, to recall our old selves, to remember that we too are only saved by the grace of God, and not by our own deeds, which are folly at best. If God judged us for our deeds, no one would see eternal life. Be thankful instead for God’s lovingkindness, and let it shine before you, and others will be drawn to it.

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