Psalm 63:1-5: Better than Life


The author of this Psalm was David. For David, God was the only God, there was no other. God was his God, with whom he had a personal relationship. David proclaimed he would seek God truthfully and wholeheartedly. He desired God, and longed for him in a world that was sinful. David had witnessed the power and glory of God. He knew God’s righteousness.  He declared that God’s lovingkindness was better than life. Better than life itself! He believed that God’s mercy, love, and faithfulness was better than all his earthly life had to offer. Because he believed this, he praised God. He worshiped God, and desired to do so forever. In doing so, his soul was satisfied and filled.
God is the only God, and there is no other. We should seek him diligently. This is an evil world, but God is our light and hope. His lovingkindness is better and greater than this life. We should not fear the world, because Jesus, through his great act of lovingkindness, overcame the world (John 16:33). Our souls are satisfied with Christ, who is better than this earthly life, but is life eternal.

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