Genesis 46: Jacob sees Joseph

Jacob took his family to Egypt, and offered a sacrifice to God, for a blessing, guidance, and to seek God’s will.  Abraham and Issac also honored God with sacrifice in Beer-Sheba. It honored the covenant. Jacob had not had a vision from God in a long time. God called him by name, and Jacob answered. God identified himself as God of Isaac. So Israel took his journey with all that he had and came to Beersheba, and offered sacrifices to the God of his father Isaac.  Jacob was afraid to go to Egypt, but God reassured him. The promise of becoming a great nation would be fulfilled.  God promised he would be with Jacob going into Egypt. He also said he would bring Israel out of Egypt, to the promised land, foretelling of the Exodus. He promised Jacob he would see Joseph, and Joseph would be with him when he died. God knew this was important to Joseph. Jacob, being near death, was concerned he would not get the chance to see Joseph.

Jacob made use of the carts sent by Pharaoh. He took his family and livestock, but nothing that was unnecessary or hinder them. The names of Jacob’s family are recorded. There were 70 in total, not yet the great nation they would become.

Judah lead the way to Egypt. This was an honor, a reward for his returning of Benjamin and Simeon.

Joseph had been taken away from his father as a slave in a caravan of strangers, but he went to meet him as a ruler of Egypt in his private chariot. Joseph’s status did not make him arrogant. He embraced his father and wept. Jacob, having seen Joseph, was joyous and his soul felt satisfied, and was prepared to die.

Joseph did not want any trouble for his family.He told his brothers and father that he would go to Pharaoh first and announce them. Joseph had to show respect to Pharaoh first.  He knew the Egyptians did not like foreigners, or for that matter nomadic shepherds. He told his brothers and father what to say, so that would not be blended into the part of Egypt that would despise them or cause them harm.  Goshen would permit them to live separately as a nation.

We should always call on God for guidance before we make a move in our lives. Let him reassure us and remind us of his promises. God knows what is important to us, and with with hold nothing that is good for us.  Gifts from others are blessings from God, proof of his love for us. We should make good use out of what God provides. We have the honor of leading others to Christ. Knowing Christ is alive frees us from the fear of death. The world despises Christ, our shepherd, so we ought not to settle with the world. Our place is with Jesus.

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