Genesis 45: Joseph Reveals Himself

The emotions of Joseph finally overtook him, and he cleared everyone from the room.  Joseph had been holding in so much-. It was difficult not only to see his brothers but to hide himself from them, and to test them as was needed. Those sent out of the room heard him weeping, and reported it to Pharaoh. His brothers were baffled enough by the weeping. Now, this strange intimidating Egyptian ruler suddenly spoke to them in Hebrew, and claimed to be Joseph! It is no wonder they were frightened.

Joseph called them closer, to show they should not be afraid, because they had probably drawn back in fear. He invited them also to look at him, to see who he truly was. He spoke again, this time clearer and softer, and told them he was the brother they sold into Egypt. He acknowledged their sin, but gently relieved them of their guilt. Joseph explained it was part of God’s providence, and that he was an instrument for God to save the family from the famine, which was to last another five years. God was in control of Joseph’s life. He urges them to go and tell Jacob, and to gather all of the family and bring them to Egypt, where Joseph will care for them all.

Joseph embraced Benjamin first, who he had not known,  and was the proof that his brother’s had changed. He wept and held all of his brothers.

Pharaoh was indebted to Joseph for saving Egypt. He was pleased with Joseph’s service, and was therefore pleased that Joseph was reunited with his family. Pharoah understood the value of family. He told Joseph to send the brothers equipped to hurry and bring the family to Egypt, without concern for belongings, as they would be well taken care of.  Joseph has already assured this to his brothers, but he sought Pharoah’s approval.

Joseph gave the brothers the carts they needed as well as provisions, and new clothes.  Joseph was sure of the changed heart of his brothers, that he felt comfortable giving Benjamin extra clothes and 300 silver. This is not the same partiality that Jacob had shown to Joseph. The extra blessing was a compensation for the time that Joseph was not there to care for his younger brother. He sent gifts to his father, as a proof of his life and status. As his brothers left, he told them not to quarrel, as they were apt to do. It was appropriate:  we are family now, let us not tear ourselves apart again.

Jacob was relieved to see Simeon and Benjamin returned safely. Just as the brothers were when they learned about Joseph, Jacob was shocked and in disbelief. How quickly and easily he was convinced of Joseph’s death, but how slowly he was convinced Joseph lived!  However, they relayed what Joseph told them, and when he saw the carts and gifts of Joseph, he believed and his spirit was revived. He wanted to see him, before he died. Jacob knew his time was limited.

We forgive all who have wronged us. We reveal ourselves to full of mercy, love, and compassion, that we may say to those who fear our retribution  Come close, and witness the love of our Lord Jesus. Our admission of sin is frightening, but Jesus tells us to draw near with a repentant heart. We should embrace those who openly ask for our forgiveness. Having reconciled with one another, we should not provoke or ensnare one another into quarrell. Renewed in Christ we leave our quarrelsome, sinful lives behind us. We should witness to others  God’s work and plan in our lives. We may well make our own plans, but we must inquire of God and his will. Others are quick to dismiss the truth of Christ’s resurrection, and the spirit of such people is idle. The truth of Christ’s resurrection revives one’s spirit, and ignites a longing to be with him forever.




The judgement of God should frighten all men, but the love voice of Christ may frighten the sinner, but he is inviting to all who seek him.

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