Genesis 40:41-57 Joseph Exalted

Thirteen years had passed since he was sold as a slave by his brothers, but Joseph had persevered under trial, and God delivered him, and rewarded him for his righteousness. Joseph matured in his faith, and his hardship strengthened his relationship with God. All things given to Joseph were blessings from God. The exaltation of Joseph was to the glory of God. Once Joseph was stripped of his robe by his brothers, but now, God gave him new fine clothes of royalty. Joseph had been sold and forced into a caravan, but now God placed him a chariot of Pharaoh’s, with men clearing a path before  him. Joseph had been a slave and a prisoner, but now he was adorned with gold necklace and signet ring from the most powerful man on earth.  Joseph had been humbled by his experience, and God exalted him before all to see, even in the midst of a foreign nation.

Priests were pagan men of high status worshipping a variety of false deities, none of which could help the Pharaoh. In allusion to this, Joseph was given the daughter of an Egyptian priest to be his wife by order of the Pharaoh. It was an acknowledgement that the God of Joseph was greater.
The seven years of abundance came as God said it would. Joseph implemented the plan God revealed to him, and was successful, because God was with him. More than enough was provided, even in Joseph’s own life. Joseph’s past was painful and stressful physically and emotionally. He came from a troubled family, but God did not abandon him, and rewarded him with his own family, and provided for him greater than he could have ever imagined. With the birth of his sons, he reflected on God’s grace and kindness to him. The names of his children would honor God, and serve as a reminder to him of God’s kindness to him.
The famine came as God said. The people were suffering and cried to Pharaoh, but what could Pharaoh do? HIs own magicians and priests had failed him. It was Joseph, by his faith in God, who had saved them. Therefore, the people were sent to the stores Joseph had prepared. The grain was sold, not given away foolishly or without accountability.
Trials are periods of refinement. They strengthen our character and faith in God. Under trial we mature spiritually if we learn to trust God. God will restore to us that which evil takes from us.  Our blessings glorify God. We should not forget to honor God for all he has done for us. God speaks only truth. All things God has spoken will come to pass. We should listen to God and heed the warnings he has given to us in his word.

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