Matthew 7:1-29: Commands of Jesus

Observe the commands of Christ.
Do not judge, or you will be judged in the same way you judge others. Should we want an unmerciful, unloving, rash judgment cast upon us by God? It is convenient judge the sins of others, and yet not look at our own behaviors. Examining our own sins, repenting of them, and changing our lives for God allows us to treat others who sin with compassion, as we too were sinners. Only with Christ can we see clearly.
Do not put the gospel into the hands of those who would destroy it. They are full of darkness, their focus is not on the things of God Today we have openly defiant sinners with Bibles in their hands claiming Christ as the justification of their sin, when they should be asking Christ to free them from it. They trample the truth underneath their feet. Haters of Christ and Christ deniers are working for the eradication of the Bible from all things. Be wary of exposing yourself to such evil. They will turn and tear you to pieces.
Do be prayerful, in faith and humllity, and with pure motives. God is listening and willing to provide for you, as any father, and give to you that which is good.
Do unto others what you would have them do to you, because your Father in heaven desires it, and this has been His word to you, through the law and the prophets. This is a law of love, and  a tool with which to test and judge our behaviors toward others.
Do follow Jesus. The way of Jesus is the way to life. This narrow way is challenging, requiring conviction, integrity, discipline, and submission to Christ. It is a refining journey toward God. Few find it, because the way of the world is easier, with less required. Smooth travels are ahead for those who have no morality to be offended and no principle to defend. Yet they still submit their lives, just not to our God of mercy, but to a path of destruction.
Beware of false prophets. They may claim to know Christ but teach the broad way. We can recognize these false teacher by their fruit, because it is not of Jesus. They appear gentle but are destructive. False prophets use the name of Jesus but do not teach the truth about him. For instance, they may deny his resurrection, divinity, or that he is the only way to heaven. They may mix Christian doctrine with other religions or worldly desires. These prophets and those who follow them may approach Jesus on the day of judgment, and he will tell them he does not know them. He will send them away, and judge them as evil.
These are sound teachings of Jesus to keep us safe from spiritual harm. Jesus concludes his sermon with a bold proclamation about the value and authority of his words. The troubles and evil of the world are constantly beating against us, like rain, winds, and floods beat against the houses. If you obey the words of Christ, you have a solid foundation on which to build your life and relationship with God. Anything else is like building on sand.

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