Matthew 6:19-34 Treasures in Heaven, Do not Worry

     People can spend years and years accumulating material wealth, and some spend their lives chasing after it. There is no satisfaction in possession because material things are subject to the laws of time and the sins of others. What disappointment we feel when are precious things are destroyed or taken! Covetousness in itself is a poison, infecting the soul and fueling sin. Jesus said the solution to our emptiness is not to store up worldly treasures but to store up eternal treasures of heaven. These treasures are stored when we accept Christ and do the will of God. Where would you like your heart to be? In worldly things or with God?
     Value your relationship with God above all else. If our focus is set on Jesus, then we will be full of what Jesus is. If we focus on what is from the world, then we will be full of what the world is. Jesus is love, compassion, giving, and goodness. The world is hate, selfishness, worry, and sin. Serving God and the world is impossible, because the world is unholy. We cannot please both God and the world. Our focus determines our whole lives. Choosing Jesus is choosing a life of all that he is.
     So do not worry. If you serve God, then you are under his providence. Life is more than food and clothes, it is about God. He feeds the birds and “clothes” the grass, so how much more do you think he will give to his children who love him? Worry is worthless, and actually takes from you life, and does not add anything of benefit. Seek God first. work for his kingdom, strive for his righteousness.

One thought on “Matthew 6:19-34 Treasures in Heaven, Do not Worry

  1. Yes I agree we do place a lot of emphasis on things . I am slowly getting out of this mindset . I like the idea of minimalist living … Odd , bc I’m a person who has clutter from the basement to my bedroom … Mostly books and papers boxes and bags … It’s overwhelming but honestly , over the past 2 years it has gotten much easier to dispose off. I had a boyfriend once who would go places with me and everytime I saw a free newspaper flyer brochure etc I would collect it . He would wait until I collected all I wanted and then take them Out of My hands BEFORE we went home and throw them away ..Lol I would laugh everytime !! He was right of course … I belive you r talking about the same principle … Collecting meaningless junk whether it’s paper or the latest tech gadget!!! I agree that the mindset of coveting. Or lust ( dictionary definition ) is based On fleshy needs … Gluttony greed wanton desires … I have them all and being overweight is the most visible sign of greed. Eating more than my body needs …. Ok I agree must think about this & apply To my everyday living…. Thank you for sharing . D

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