Matthew 5:13-20 Salt and Light, The Law Fulfilled

Matthew 5:13-20
Followers of Christ season the earth with the goodness of the gospel and preserve it from corruption. Yet, if we do not stand firm, then the evil of the world overtakes and tramples us. Too many have lost their saltiness, by professing Christ only in name and not in action, or by yielding to social and cultural pressures. Only God is good, and when our flavor for God is lost, so are we. 
You are the light of the world because God gave you his Spirit. Therefore it is you that must shine the goodness of God onto others. It is a privilege to serve God in this way and be his witness. The world is a dark, sinful place. People will go to where there is light. You must be that light for Jesus, that others may turn to him. 
Jesus did not abolish the law, he magnified it. He obeyed it perfectly. He fulfilled the messianic prophecies. He taught that the law was love of God.  The law was no longer a matter of practice, but a matter of the heart. Jesus fulfills the law by teaching it to us in truth, without compromise. Jesus not only taught the law, but raised the bar even higher. The righteousness of the Pharisees was not sincere, although the people may have thought so. Our righteouseness must be more than outward appearance. Finally, Jesus fulfilled the law when he became the final sacrifice for sin. 
God’s word is eternal, and the law was established with the purpose of its fulfillment by Christ. Christians are under a new covenant with Christ, and our salvation is not given through obedience to the law but by grace. Christ commands us to love God and love each other, and all moral and ethical law found in the Old Testament falls under these commands. 

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