Matthew 1:18-24 The Birth Of Christ

The Gospel of Matthew narrates the birth of Jesus from the viewpoint of Joseph. Joseph is betrothed to Mary, and Mary is found to be pregnant by the Holy Spirit. The pregnancy of Mary created a testing moment for Joseph. Upon finding her pregnant, Joseph was concerned with the integrity of his future marriage, but he was also concerned for the well being and reputation of Mary, whom he loved. He considered divorcing her privately, but an unnamed angel God appeared to him in a dream and assured him in the marriage. The angel also called Joseph “son of David”. Joseph was a descendant of the King of Israel. He now lived among an oppressed people. God let him know that his lineage and the people of God were not forgotten. God wanted Joseph to raise this child. The angel also stated the child would save the people from their sins and be named “Jesus”, which Matthew suggested to be a fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophecy. Immanuel, meaning “God with us”, is a reference to the deity of Jesus. Joseph was obedient, and took Mary as his wife. Joseph did not consummate the marriage until after the birth of Jesus, verifying Joseph was not the father.  As commanded, the child was named Jesus.

What does Jesus Mean?   The Hebrew form of Jesus is Yeshua. Yeshua is a derivative of the Hebrew Yehoshua (Joshua in English), meaning The Lord is Salvation.  The angel told Joseph to call the child The Lord is salvation, because he will save people from their sins.

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