Psalm 43 Commentary

Defend us Lord, against a nation that has rejected your Word. Believers have been mocked and scorned. Our country has killed the unborn, embraced sexual sin, banned prayers, stopped your word from being spoken, hated Jesus, and worshiped idols. Identify for us the wolves in sheep’s clothing; Deliver us from evil, protect us from the liars. Save us from those who falsely use your name.  You alone are our strengthDo not count us among the unfaithful. We are chosen by you Lord; we shall endure to the end. We trust in your words, that those who mourn will be comforted. We will approach you Jesus, in all things. Send us your providence and your Spirit to guide us to your presence. We will worship and glorify you forever. Our souls will no longer be restless or depressed, when our hope is put in Jesus.

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