Psalm 20 Commentary

May God will answer your prayers according to His will.
May the one true God will protect you, who is the God of Jacob.
May God send you his Holy Sprit.
May God acknowledge you as His true servant, as you accepted Jesus Christ, who atoned for your sins.
May God bless you in all that you do according to His will and commandments.
May you give God all glory for all you succeed in, and for your salvation.
May God grant you all requests that will bring you closer to Him.
We know that God loves us, and those who accept Christ are his children, and have victory over sin.
God answers our cries of distress with the victory of Jesus Christ, who is seated at His right hand.
Faith in man and worldly objects is futile; we trust in God.
Those who reject Christ have no strength, but we are renewed with strength through Jesus.
God, give victory to the heirs of your kingdom, answer our prayers according to your will.

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