Psalm 13 Commentary

Times of difficulty seem to last forever. Our minds are are not at peace. Our sorrowful hearts are heavy to carry around. We are tempted to ask God how long our current situations will last. How long until our debts are paid? How long until until we are healthy? How long must we mourn for our losses? How long must we feel guilty over sin? How long until Jesus returns and saves us from this world? How long, Lord? We feel forgotten. But we never are. Jesus promised he would be with us always. A sorrowful heart, is to some extent, a gift. We can never feel the full joy of Christ if we have not felt sorrow. The Word of God assures us, that there is a time and purpose for everything under heaven. Therefore, even sorrowful heart has a purpose. It’s purpose is to bring us closer to God, and to develop a stronger relationship with Jesus. Trials make us realize how helpless we are without Christ. He is light to our eyes, he is the promise that we will not have to sleep in death, and that our enemies will not triumph over us. Some people chose to put faith in man, in government, and in the way of the world. These ways fail us over and over again, but the love of God is unfailing. Jesus is the only truth, the only way, the only life. Therefore, we put our faith in him, and find a way through all of our troubles, knowing he has only the best of intentions for us.

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