(Revelation 22:1-5) Commentary

Death is inevitable here on Earth, but in Heaven, life is abundant, as Christ promised. It eternally flows as streams of water from the throne of God. We are done with the murky waters of sin and death, and have exchanged them for the clear living water. It nourishes a tree that bears continual fruit– the Tree of Life, as in Eden. Once banished from its presence, through Christ we will see it. 12 fruits, 12 Tribes, 12 Apostles. Its leaves heal all people, of all nations, who have accepted Jesus. The curse of sin is broken. There is no death. Instead, there is the throne of the one true God, occupied by the Father and the Son, and from it flows the Holy Spirit. Service to God is freedom: Freedom from all sin and corruption. There will be no darkness of sin. There is no sin in God. The humble are exalted, accepting the inheritance of His kingdom. Those who believe in Christ have this hope, those who deny him, have no such hope.

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