Recognize Them by Their Fruits (Matthew 7:15-20) Commentary

The greatest false prophet of all was Satan, who convinced Adam and Eve that disobeying God would not harm them. Christ represents all that is good and holy, therefore those who are evil will try to wear Christianity as a mask. They will come to you as harmless and innocent, but their true intentions ravage your soul. How will we know who these people are? They will contradict Christ. Those who profess any other way but Christ are false.  Mohammad, the founder of Islam, taught that Christ never died, that He never suffered on the cross, and that He never rose from the dead. These were lies! And, they produced evil hearts in men, some who persecute and kill Christians to this day. However, worse than that, his teachings have condemned the souls of those who accept them! In today’s world there are many lies about Jesus, and these too bear bad fruit– hatred toward those who hold true to God’s Word.   False prophets tell people what they want to hear, not what Christ wants them to know.  That which produces bad fruit will face the judgment of God.  Here are some other lies false prophets tell:

Jesus is not the Son of God.
Jesus never died.
Jesus never rose from the dead.
There is no sin, heaven, or hell.
Jesus never existed in the flesh.
Jesus never existed.
Encouraging/permitting behavior explicitly defined as sin in the Bible (Homosexuality and other sexual sin, polygamy, lying, blasphemy)
Discrimination of people by gender, race, nationality, age
Seeking you to surrender all of your belongings for their use
Denying the Trinity
Denying the Holy Spirit
Psychic readings, talking to the dead
Integrating Christ into false religions of Buddhism, Hinduism, Wicca, Islam, or others
Praying to Saints or Mary
Specific predictions of the rapture or coming of Jesus
Teaching you can earn your way to heaven through good deeds
Denying God inspired the Bible.
Committing or endorsing sin in the name of Jesus.
Twisting scripture to suit an evil purpose.
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