Repent or Perish (Luke 13:1-9) Commentary

The story is related to Jesus about a group of Galileans who were put to death by Pilate, seemingly at a festival or in the temple, where “their blood was mingled with sacrifices.” We do not know the cause behind the murder, and it is not important. By the answer Jesus gives, we can deduce that those telling the story were asking if it were a divine judgment, that caused this fate to come down on the Galileans. The response of Jesus is a rebuke for those judging others. Jesus, the final judge of all, casts no judgment, but tells the others to look at themselves, for their souls are in peril. Their sins are no less than those who were killed. We have no idea when our time is over: A tower collapses, a car accident, a shooting in a movie theater, a heart attack– the wages of sin is death. This is the curse upon us. Should we waste our time judging others, or repent or sins and accept Jesus Christ?

We are the fig tree, bearing no fruit, doing not the will of God. We have not followed his Word. Christ is the vinedresser. He came to save us. He is a witness of God’s love for us. He died on the cross for our sins, that we may have mercy. If we accept Christ, and receive the spirit, we do God’s will. We love God with all of our Heart, and we love one another. However, Christ will return as judge, and there will be those who have rejected him. And they will be cut down. What are you producing for God? Have you repented your sins and accepted Jesus as your savior? Do you do his work and bear his fruits? What will you answer on the day of judgment, when God asks how you treated His son, Jesus?

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