The Fall (Genesis 3:1-13) Commentary

Satan is a liar. If our hearts are not guarded, and do not meditate on the Word of God, we find ourselves succeptible to his lies. Rather than trusting and obeying God, Eve let Satan build up her pride. It is the lie of Satan that we hear today, telling us there is no sin, telling us Jesus was not God, telling us Jesus never died and rose again, telling us that there is freedom without God. Satan tries to persuade us that we don’t need God, that instead, we can be gods, and do as we please. This is what Eve began to believe- that there was freedom in disobeying God, and instead we found ourselves held as slaves to sin.  Adam was supposed to be the spirtual head of the family, but he allowed Eve to coerce him. The apostles Paul and Peter very adamant about the role of husbands and wives, that one does not lead the other into sin, and away from Christ.  God was looking for Adam and Eve, but they hid. Our guilt and shame may keep us from approaching God for forgiveness, but God’s mercy is great. Christ’s arms are open, He offers you forgiveness and eternal life.

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