Pray Like Jesus (John 17) Commentary

Pray as Jesus prayed:
Pray that God be glorified.   (John 17:1,25)
Pray the authority of Jesus (John 17:2)
Pray to know God, and that others know God through Jesus. (John 17:3, 21,23)
Pray that God will be glorifed through you as you do His will (John 17:4, 5, 22)
Pray your faith (John 17:7)
Praise God for His truth (John 17:8,17)
Pray for others. (John 17:9)
Do not pray for selfish, wordly things (John 17:9)
Assert your faith in Jesus and His kingdom (John 17:10,11,14,16, 25)
Pray for all believers (John 17:20)
Pray for protection from evil. (John 17:15)
Pray all are purified through Christ (John 17:19)
Pray for mercy and salvation. (John 17:24)
Pray for strength to do God’s work. (John 17:26)

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