The Persistent Widow (Luke 18:1-8) Commentary

This parable was told as in effort to comfort the disciples. Jesus knows when our hearts our troubled. A heavily troubled heart can lead to doubt, and doubt can lead to sin. This judge was apathetic; he did not know Christ.  He yielded to the persistance of a helpless widow, not out of mercy but because of her persistance. God doesn’t see His children as a bother, and his mercy and compassion are great! Without Jesus, we are like the widow to an uncaring judge, but with Jesus, we are the children of an almighty God, and our God is just! God is the great redeemer of our our souls, tormented by sin. God granted us mercy and redemption thorugh Jesus. We should not seek vengeance upon those who persecute us for the sake of Jesus. Jesus says we must bless those who curse us, love and pray for our enemies. We can pray for protection from our adversary the devil. Vengeance is the Lord’s, and there will be a time when God will execute his vengeance upon the devil, and all the enemies of Christ.  Believe that God will handle such things, and be constant in prayer. Prayer draws us close to God, and if we are close to God, the devil flees.  The humble will be exalted, God will not ignore His children. Therefore Jesus asks: Do you believe that He is returning, even the midst of all the pain and suffering in this world? Do you believe in Him? Let Christ return and find us faithful.

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