Believe, and Forgive (Mark 11:20-25) Commentary

If it were deemed good for us for a mountain to be moved and cast into the sea, and if we believed God would do this, then He would move that mountain for us, just as He parted the Red Sea.  But we face mountains of sin, and problems of a sinful world, that without Jesus cannot be cast aside. Be confident in God’s love for us, in His mercy and forgiveness. Therefore, when suffer the trials of  sin, be faithful in your God! He is your redeemer, and all blessings come from him.  Our distrust of God leads us away from Him, and unto paths of sin. Instead, draw close to God, under His divine providence, faithful. In the midst of our troubles, we must remind ourselves of the grudges we hold against others, the mercy that we are not giving. What would our lives be if our Father in Heaven was not merciful with us? What hope would we have without his compassion? Be merciful and forgiving as He is, so we may receive His forgiveness, and welcome an inheritance as His children.

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