Parable: The Friend at Night (Luke 11:5-13) Commentary

Our heavenly Father is more prepared to give his children than any parent, and his resources are limitless. If even our friends help begrudingly at our persistence, God, who helps unbegrudglingly and is never inconveienced, will surely help us moreso. The door is never locked with God, and there is no hour He is not willing to hear our prayers, even though He has many children He must care for. Pray constantly. Your persistance in prayer is your faith in God. It will be given, you will find, the door shall be opened to you, if you approach God in faith, through Jesus and  if you have not hindered yourself by unrepentance of your sins or unforgiveness of others.  What loving father would deny his child what is good, or give him what he does not need? Compared to God, even these earthly fathers are evil and unholy! As God did not withhold his Son from us, and that He gave us His Spirit, which grants us all good things.  We know that there is nothing that is good for us that God will deny us.

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