Lord, Teach Us to Pray (Luke 11:1-4) Commentary

Jesus often engaged in solitary prayer, an activity that caught the attention of one of his disiciples. We have a natural longing to communicate with God, but how do we talk to the creator of all things?  Teach us, Lord, to pray, share with us this personal relationship you have with God.  Who is better than him to teach us? This is an honest request and pleasing to God, who wants a relationship with us.  Jesus does not say kneel or stand or sit, or how to fold your hands.  He is specific about who God is, He is God the Father.  Honored is the name of God, sacred, holy.

Even So, Come Lord Jesus! We await the second coming of Christ. May God’s kingdom and will be upon us.  Give us our daily bread, our physical sustenance for the day. This does not promise to be in excess, but God is sure to give us what we need. We in return, must give to those who are in need. Give us our spiritual bread, and let us minister to those who are spiritually in need.  Forgive us, for we are sinners, for we forgive everyone who sins against us. We must forgive others or else our prayer is a lie.  God tempts no one, but we are vulnerable to this world, hopeless against it, without God as our shield. God gives us his word to guide us from sin, and His Holy Spirit to alert us of sin, and convict us of it.

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