False Teachers (2Peter 2) Commentary

False teachers and prophets manipulate and charm, just like Satan. They mislead and deceive, even deny Jesus was the Son of God. Such a man was Muhammad, who claimed the Word of God was distorted, and denied Jesus was the Son of God. Millions are mislead by this falsification. Today, false teachers and prophets deny there is eternal punishment, deny that there are sins, and deny a need for a savior. Many practice hate under the guise of Christianity- this is nothing new. Emperor Nero blamed the devastating fires of Rome on Christians.  God will hold such people in judgment, but He will rescue the godly from this destruction. They are liars, charmers, sinners, and hate the Way of truth, promising “freedom”  but only giving slavery to sin. Self-proclaimed modern “civil rights activists” promote sexual sin in homosexuality, and even create their own churches which ignore the Word of God! This is no new venture. Peter’s words are evidence that churches were being corrupted 2000 years ago. The enemies of Jesus continue to come and go, but true freedom is in Christ, where we are free from sin!  They lead people back to the sinful ways of the world, away from Jesus, and these people would have been better had they not know the truth. But in knowing the truth and turning from it, they have clearly renounced grace. But God is merciful! We must pray for all the false teachers and prophets, and those who have followed them, that they find Jesus.

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