Encouragement (2 Peter 1) Commentary

Mercy and peace belong to all who have accepted Jesus Christ. All sustenance for a spiritual life is granted through Jesus, setting believers apart from a sinful world. So abstain from sin and practice moral excellence. Do good in the name of Christ. Grow in your knowledge of God, and follow his word, exhibiting self-control, and persevere in trials and temptation. Do God’s will, and love one another. These things will grow and nurture your faith in Christ.  To not practice them is to ignore the mercy you have been given; instead practice these qualities and confirm your commitment to Jesus.

Peter is adamant to remind his audience of these things while he is living, as his time on earth is limited. To quell any misgivings or doubts, Peter assures them he was a true witness to Christ, seeing for himself the transfiguration of Jesus. He witnessed the revelation of Jesus as the Son of God. In addition, the words of the prophets were fulfilled by Jesus, and it is of great value not to overlook them.  The prophets spoke the Word of God, guided by the Holy Spirit.

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