Shepherd the Flock, (1Peter 5), Commentary

Peter was given instruction by Christ to “feed his sheep” before Jesus ascended to heaven. He encourages the other elders of the church. Leaders in the church are to be shepherds, as Jesus is the Good Shepherd.  There is no room for selfish ambition or greed in the church established by God. Their conduct must be an example to the members of Christ.  The younger members should be subject to the elders, to learn from them, to follow their guidance and example, as long as it is not contradicting the Word of God. All members and leaders should be humble. Humility keeps peace in the church.  True leaders are servants, as Jesus told us. Are today’s church leaders serving as Christ served? Those who are humble will be exalted. Our anxieties can cause us to lose our focus, so our God will carry our burdens.  Be cautious and watchful, because sin lurks at every corner.  Guard your hearts. Resist evil, and it will flee. The suffering in this life is short compared to eternal paradise with Jesus. He will restore you in all things, in his kingdom.

Peter dictated the letter to Silvanus, who was also a companion of Paul. The Christian church in Babylon, which he refers to as “she” sends her fellowship, as does Mark, his  son , meaning that Peter was the one who baptized and raised him in his born again Christian life.

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