Suffering as a Christian (1Peter 4) Commentary

The life of a Christian is doing the will of God, even if it means to suffer for it. Jesus showed us by his example, for by the will of God he gave himself over to suffering and death. Live as Christ, though the world may mock you, hate you, and persecute you.  Do not give in to worldly desires.  Stay focused on what is good, so you may be ready for Jesus when he comes for you. Be alert and aware of lurking sin and temptations. Love one another as Christ taught. Use the gifts the Holy Spirit has given you to help one another gladly. Do all things as if doing them for Jesus. There will be trials because of your faith, but it is better to suffer for God then to suffer as an unrepentant sinner. Therefore, do not be ashamed of what you endure but in all things praise God, who has saved you.

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