Husbands & Wives, Christian Suffering (1Peter 3) Commentary

God does not want new born again Christian women leaving their non-Christians husbands. Marriage is important to God- He invented it. Wives were still to be subject to their husband (see Ephesians 5:22-23), and were to testify to the change Christ has made in their lives through their conduct. God wants women to know they are beautiful on the inside; that jewelry, fine clothes, and hair styles are not what make them beautiful, but the spirits that God gave them. A quiet and gentle spirit is pleasing to God, and not just in women, but in men as well.  Husbands, were to protect and love  their wives, and take care of them responsibly, committed to their relationship.  Many misread this, and believe it says the woman should be a servant or slave to the husband, or that women should endure abuse at the hands of her husband, but that is not the case. Peter’s words are words of encouragement for those who needed guidance in their faith. They are words of comfort, that God approves of them, and their marriages, and even if they were once a pagan marriage, they belong to Him now.  God loves men and women the same. He wants strong marriages and families. He offers eternal life to all. In Christianity, women could worship as they never had before. God is the great liberator.

If Christians only do what is good, who can accuse them? And if they do find themselves accused, and persecuted, it is honorable. It is better to suffer for doing good then doing evil. In doing good by faith in Christ you are promised eternal life, yet, the wages of sin is death. Be prepared to defend your faith, the mockers will be many. Be graceful and gentle in dealing with them, do not anger easily, so you may not sin in anger. Keep from evil, believe in Jesus, that He may present you to God. God once cleansed the world through a flood, and through Baptism you are cleansed, not because of washing, but by a renewal of spirit in Christ.

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