Belonging to Jesus (1Peter 2) Commentary

As newborns to the faith, and it would be good for them to pursue Spirit of truth, if  they had given themselves to Jesus, upon hearing the gospel. Jesus is the cornerstone on which the church is built, and his believers too, must be solid in their faith. Christ was rejected, but those who have put their faith in him are chosen people belonging to God. For this reason those who are saved can rejoice! Jesus gathered the poor, the needy, the outcasts and exiles. He called the humble and the meek. People who once had nothing, now had everything. Once they were not a people, but now they are God’s people! People of all races, classes, backgrounds, families- all called together under Christ, for they had on thing in common: they were all sinners who needed forgiveness. They desired a mercy that God is more than willing to provide.
Your conduct  must be honorable, because you are God’s, and all you do should glorify Him. Respect authority, that no one can find blame in you. Be merciful as your Father in heaven is merciful. In Christ you are free from sin, and you should act as such. Do not use this gift of grace as an excuse to do evil. Keep loyal to God in all things, that no fault can be found in you. Jesus is the good shepherd, let Him guide you.

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