What God has Cleansed, (Acts 10), Commentary

Cornelius  is rewarded with a vision for his devotion to God, yet he had not yet received the gospel or been baptized. God still heard his prayers, and directed Him to the truth.  It is an honor to be set on a task from God, we should receive it as such.  God uses Peter’s hunger to guide him to a greater truth: That God has cleansed all men through his Son Jesus Christ, and it was time for Peter to offer the gift to the gentiles.  Cornelius had no idea why he had sent for Peter, and Peter had no idea  why he was sent for. Peter was a prejudiced man, he would not have gone to Cornelius, had not God given  him the vision. God is not partial, He loves all men and women of all races and nations.  Peter went to to meet Cornelius, and Cornelius, seeing the man God had sent for, fell to his feet. Peter, admitted he was only a man, like him. He learned of the divine intervention of God for this meeting, and proceeded to preach the gospel.  The Holy Spirit falls on those who receive the truth of Jesus Christ.  The men and women in the house of Cornelius welcomed it.  Cornelius prayed to God and God responded, and pulled not only Cornelius close, but his friends and relatives, and in the midst of it, Peter grew spiritually. God works exponentially. There is no small miracle.  How many are saved in this very way today?  We pray for Christ’s missionaries, spreading the word of God across the world, may the Holy Spirit fall on all who hear the Word.

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