Stephen is Stoned (Acts 7) Commentary

Stephen presents to the Sanhedrin their history according to the scriptures. The Holy Spirit was always present, and Israel had a history of rejecting it. They did not heed and even killed the prophets of God. But despite all of this history, God offers them restoration with Himself, through Jesus. The council, again rejects this message, but its truth is confirmed when Stephen is granted the a vision of God, and Jesus at his right. The hate of a murderous crowd could not take the promise of salvation. A hateful sinful world cannot overtake a believer in Christ. Stephen was the first of the martyrs.

One thought on “Stephen is Stoned (Acts 7) Commentary

  1. Chris is right in all he says. Salvation doesn’t always have a felneig that goes with it. That’s the test of faith. However, God knows that we humans need to know with our whole beings that he is with us. Why not stop now and thank God for what he has done in you to make you a new person? There is a verse I can’t locate at the moment that says when you pray, thank God for his answer before you receive it. Pray with a believing and expectant heart. Ask him to make his presence real to you day by day, and thank him. I think you will become closer to God because that’s what your heart desires.

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