Healing the Lame Man, (Acts 3) Commentary

Peter and John are bold enough to proclaim the Gospel in the temple, even though they had witnessed what the Rulers were capable of. The council had arranged for Jesus to be crucified, and certainly they would desire the same for those who preached in his name.
The lame man is must be carried. He must beg for money. Peter and John had mercy on him, as Jesus had instructed. Peter and John said, “Look at us.” The man was looking down on himself, looking away in shame, as we do when we sin. Gold and silver do not heal the spirit. Jesus does. Those who feel paralyzed in life can walk with Jesus. In the name of Jesus, the lame man was brought to his feet; He was not hesitant to demonstrate his new freedom, or to praise God. We should not hesitate to use the changes Jesus made in our lives to introduce people to him, just as Peter uses this miracle to preach to the people.

One thought on “Healing the Lame Man, (Acts 3) Commentary

  1. Many times we find ourselves in the midst of a situation where we feel out of control (sickness, financial stress, an addiction, sin, depression) and we forget that we have a risen, living Savior that will come to our aid in the blink of an eye if we just call out His Name. There is great power in the Name of Jesus as we saw with the lame man & just like him, we can be walking & leaping & praising God for the wonderful things He does for us when we trust in the Name of Jesus in every situation and area of our lives.

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