The Spirit, Peter Witnesses (Acts 2) Commentary

Pentecost was a Jewish festival celebrated fifty days after passover.  A common theme was celebrating the giving of the Law to Moses by God, and here, Luke describes the giving of the Holy Spirit by God. Jesus described the Spirit as coming and going like the wind, when he spoke to Nicodemus. (John 3:8). The apostles were baptized with fire, as foretold by John the Baptist (Matt 3:11). They were given the ability to speak in different languages, that they may spread the Gospel to all people. Some marveled how these men from Gaililee could be speaking to them, and others, who could not understand them,  figured them to be drunk.  Peter, moved by the Spirit, addresses all to dispel that notion, and began preaching the Gospel, and how Christ fulfilled the words of the prophets. Peter spoke boldly of Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit, he was not the same man who had denied Jesus.  He spoke as a true witness of Jesus, without fear.  Jesus was sent into the world to save it, and the world rejected him and crucified him. Peter is careful to state that this was the will of God.  Those who heard this were reacted emotionally, and looked for direction. Peter instructed them on how to accept Jesus as their savior, and 3000 souls were saved. Believers become brothers and sisters in Christ, and Luke provides a description of the earliest Christian community.



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