Recognize Jesus (Luke 24:13-35), Commentary

The two men were leaving Jerusalem. Jesus had been crucified, it was a dangerous time for all of his followers. Jesus, who they had thought to be the Messiah, was killed, and they felt distraught, hopeless.  They could talk freely out of Jerusalem, out of the range of persecution.  Jesus came upon them as a stranger. He did not reveal himself; Faith is being certain of what we do not see (Hebrews 11:1).  The two were so caught up in their sadness and uncertainty that they could not see Jesus, walking beside them. Know that Jesus walks with you. The Lord wants us to talk him, even if it is doubts or confusion about our faith.  The discussion of Jesus continues today, among believers and non-believers. These travelers were speaking of his death and resurrection, and yet they remained unsure, saddened, confused.  They were certain he was a prophet, but had hoped that he was the one who was going to redeem Israel. Yet because of his death, they were at the least uncertain of this as a possibility, despite the witnesses testifying of the angel and that  his tomb was empty. How hardened our hearts can be! How foolish not to believe the prophets. Jesus taught them how the scriptures foretold of  the Messiah, and all he must suffer for the glory of God. When they stopped for the night, Jesus acted as if  he had to keep going, but he didn’t. He gave the disciples a chance; a chance to react to his words, and invite him in. Jesus gives us many chances to invite him in. Jesus is the bread of life. When he broke the bread at the table and gave it to them, they saw this. Jesus vanished from their sight, for further proof of his divinity. They were left to ask themselves how they could have missed Jesus.  They returned to Jerusalem to proclaim that He is risen! Believe the Word of God! Do not find yourself wondering how you could have missed the opportunities to recognize Jesus, and invite him into your life.



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