The Resurrection, (Matthew 28:1-15), Commentary

The women came to serve Jesus even in his death. Job says of God, “He shakes the earth from its place and makes its pillars tremble” (Job 9:6)- That is, the certainty of what man knows changes, when God reveals himself. There was an earthquake when Jesus died, and there was an earthquake when it is revealed that He lives.  The angel reflected the glory of God.  Do not be afraid of God’s grace and mercy. Do not be afraid to be forgiven.  You seek Jesus. You will not find him in any tomb, Jesus is life, you will find He lives! Bear witness to his resurrection! Jesus meets all who seek him. Fall at His feet as these women did. Do not be afraid, Jesus lives.

The elders and chief priests convinced the guards to lie about the resurrection. There are those today who will accept payment to spread lies about Christ in books, movies, shows, and music. They are a danger to all souls! Study the truth that is the Word of God, and spread the truth about Christ.

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