The Crucifixion (Mark 15:16-27), Commentary

The soldiers took him to abuse him for sport, while the execution was being prepared. They called the whole battalion together to take part or be entertained by it as they pleased.  Christ is our King! And here they mock him, by adorning him with purple and a false crown. Jesus bore these humiliations for us, he bore the shame of our sin, so He can give us the Crown of Life, not a crown of thorns. Simon carried the cross for Jesus. What are you prepared to carry for your King? The wine was meant to dull his senses, but Our Lord refused it. They took his only possesion, his garments, and divided them up among them. (Psalm 22) We will have no need of our Earthly things when God calls us home.  The sign above him declared Jesus “King of the Jews”. Our King! A King of chosen people!  A King between crucified between two criminals.

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