Jesus before Pilate (Luke 23:1-25), Commentary

None of what the assembly told Pilate was true, but they had to turn Jesus into a criminal against the State for him to be executed.  Pilate could find no reason to charge him, even though the priests insisted. Pilate was quick to rid of this matter by sending him to Herod. Herod was glad because he heard of Jesus. He desired to meet him, but not for the sake of  Truth or salvation. In contrast to others who sought Jesus, such as Nicodemus and Zacchaeus, Herod only wanted to be entertained. Jesus would not respond to Herod, not even to the allegations from the priests, so Herod and his soldiers mocked him. They put the robe on him, the robe of an Earthly king, and returned him to Pilate.  Pilate himself, likely found humor in this, as he and Herod then became friends. Again Pilate attempted to release Jesus, but the priests incited the crowds, and they demanded the crucifixion of Jesus. They chose Barabbas, a  rebellious murderer, over our Lord, the peaceful giver of life. Three times Pilate tries to release Christ, and three times he is denied. It did not matter no crime was committed, Pilate surrendered to the will of the people. A mob fueled on emotion and lies is not open to hearing truth of any kind. It has always been this way. Let us take caution in approaching matters of guilt, and matters of punishment. Let us always seek the truth.

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