Jesus the Messiah (Luke 4:16-30), Commentary

Jesus was permitted to read in the synagogue as a Jewish male. The Spirit of God was upon Jesus. He brought good news to the poor, that they had a Father in heaven who loved them. He taught others to care for the needy, to love their neighbors.  Jesus came to set prisoners of sin free, and that those who believe in him were not to be condemned, but have eternal life.  Jesus healed both the physically and spiritually blind.  The oppressed are set free in Christ, as they find their value as children of God.  The scroll He read was obviously a prophecy of Jesus himself, and so He claimed it to be.

There was no faith in Him in his hometown, where they knew him only to be a the son of Mary and Joseph, and a carpenter. How could He be the Messiah? Certainly they would want proof, such as the healings and miracles Jesus did in Capernaum.  Jesus will only work where there is faith. The Jews also had not believed the prophets Elijah and Elisha, and those prophets then performed the work of God elsewhere. In the way the people rejected the prophets, they would reject Jesus, and the gift of the Messiah would be extended to the Gentiles. This made those in the synagogue extremely angry, and they sought to kill him, to throw him off a cliff.  Yet Christ walked through them, they could not harm him unless He permitted it.


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