The Samaritan Woman (John 4:1-42), Commentary

Jesus knew the Pharisees were envious and spiteful, and were conspiring against him, therefore he left so they would not disrupt his work. It was necessary for him travel through Samaria, not just geographically, but because it was divinely orchestrated, that we should witness the open compassion of Jesus, and that more be saved. Jesus was a man, and likely it was hot, and he had been walking for quite a distance;  Christ the Son of God was tired, as we get tired.  He took rest on the Jacob’s well, or we could say the well of Israel, as that was Jacob’s name given by God.

The woman was surpised, that He talked to her, that he did not ignore or despise her for being a Samaritan. Many are surprised at the open love and compassion of Christ, yet he denies no one.  If she recognized Jesus was the Christ, she would ask him for forgiveness and  recieve salvation, and eternal life. If we perceive the presence of Jesus in our lives, it is easier to live. Yet, if we ignore and distance ourselves from him, the harder it is to bear. Accept the gift of Christ, and he will bear the hardships for you.  The waters from the well provide only momentary satisfaction, we will thirst again. Whatever worldly comforts we take will only temporarily satisfy us, but the spiritual truth of Jesus grants eternity.

The Lord knows all of our circumstance; He does not condemn her but gently exposes her sin to light. Five former husbands, and the man she was in relations with at the time was not her husband. Our Lord mentions this not as judgement, but that He knows she has pain in her heart, an emptiness unfilled by her five former husbands and her current mate. The woman sees the Lord as a prophet, as he knows her heart and past. She is slowly coming to the recogniton of Christ.

Where God was to be worshipped was a matter of great contention, and even can be today. Jesus says that true worshipers will worship God in spirit and truth, regardless of the physical location. The gospel will be delivered to all people of all nations, and God is seeking such people who are willing to submit their hearts to him. In this the woman percieves that Jesus is talking about the time of the Messiah, and says she knows he is coming.  Jesus said to her, “I who speak to you am he.”- A revelation of himself as the savior; this too was gentle. If you seek the Lord, you will find him.  Because of this, she was able to witness and testify to the truth of Jesus Christ, and more were saved- salvation is the gift of Christ.


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