Jesus is Life (Luke 8:41-54) Commentary

Jairus, a synagogue leader, was no doubt friendly and familiar with Pharisees who were conspiring against Jesus. We do not know what his relationship with Christ was before, but in this moment of desperation, he humbled himself and cried to the Lord.  His action is illustrative of many of the Psalms. His only daughter was dying- the suffering of  loved ones brings many to  Jesus, because Jesus is life. Jesus did not hesitate to go with Jairus when asked; the Lord will be with us wherever we go.

A woman reaches for Christ and is healed, as all who touch the cloak of Jesus in faith will be. Jesus sends all whom he heals in peace.

While Jesus was still speaking- The author of this Gospel likely witnessed this scene- otherwise why include this phrase?

There are many who will try to convince you not to bother with faith. Some will tell you that it is far too late- too late to be happy, too late to be educated, too late for love, too late to be healthy, too late for hope, or even too late for redemption. These are lies of the adversary!  As was the case with the daughter of Jairus, it is never too late for Jesus to change your life, to resurrect you from sin. When we are faced with these lies, we must remember the words of Jesus: Don’t be afraid; just believe.  Jairus turned to Jesus because He knew Jesus was the only way to life. If he did not believe that, he would have walked away when he heard his daughter was dead. Those who were mourning for the girl laughed at Jesus when he claimed the girl was sleeping. Many scoff at the power of God. (Sarah laughed when God told her she would be with child! Gen 18:12)  Believe that nothing is beyond the power of Christ, as Jairus did, and you will find that what you thought was dead, was only sleeping– be it your job, your school, your home, your family, your life, your faith; Christ can bring it to life.  Ask the Lord, and let him take you by the hand, and say “My Child, get up!”.

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