Zacchaeus, (Luke 19:1-9), Commentary

Jericho was a city given to the Israelites by God. God had Joshua’s army surround the city and blow their trumpets, shout to God, and the walls of Jericho crashed down. Jesus was passing through this city on his way to Jerusalem, where he would be crucified. Yet he took notice of a man in a tree.  He called him by name, although they had never met. The Lord was his shepherd, claiming his flock. Zacchaeus wanted to see Jesus, and took great effort to meet him. He ran ahead of the crowd, and climbed a tree. He had to rise above the crowds of the world catch a glimpse. He demonstrated a willingness to receive Christ. He opened his house and his heart, and he was transformed. If you have welcomed Jesus, you have welcomed salvation. Zacchaeus repented, gave half his wealth to the poor, and he swore to payback all who he had wronged- a public testimony of his new life. What a difference Christ can make in the life of a sinner! We should rejoice whenever any sinner partakes in supper with the Lord, and not grumble as the crowd did. We are all sinners in need of Jesus, but we must humble ourselves as Zacchaeus.  The world was much taller then he was, yet he found a way to redemption. What  heights will you climb to catch sight of Jesus?

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